One consciousness and many minds

Summer is absolutely gone! This summer and fall turned out to be a very busy time: I took classes and stretched my understanding about myself as well as my past and present relationships to others. I am looking forward to a quieter winter. I relish all that I have learned, happy to pass it on to you, the true beneficiaries who come to see me professionally.

In a recent class, I was prompted to energetically leap into my partner’s body and experience life as he does. That was a surprise—to be in a larger and more muscular body. It took me a few seconds to get used to his body size and the power and density which come with it.

Then I began to notice what he sees through his eyes and how he relates to his environment at work and when he walks down the street. It took me a few more seconds to understand his emotions.

The mind— a contraction of the everlasting stream of Consciousness— fascinates me. One consciousness in many minds, attached to billions of physical bodies, spreads over our beautiful planet, Mother Earth. How different we all are. This exercise, which lasted no more than five minutes, opened me up to a greater understanding of who my partner is, and how he functions in this world.

I was very grateful for this opportunity to check in with him. Imagine if each one of us could peek into our partners/spouses/children and other dear ones, who at times puzzle us? I believe our lives would be enriched and our understanding of each other more real. We would gain more compassion for each other. One consciousness, many minds and bodies. We are all different and all connected!

Originally posted in September 2013

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