The important stuff

Last weekend, a friend and I visited our spiritual community. The early morning air, still cool from the night, feels good and refreshing. As we approach the building, I notice the winter flowers—deep purple pansies— newly planted at the foot of the maple tree with its fresh display of fall colors. The door opens and Juanita, a radiant smile on her face, welcomes us. The three of us hug, happy to see each other and knowing that soon we will gather with others to meditate together. In our little circle of three, I feel totally content in their embrace and the tightening of their arms on my back. Juanita, with her sparkly eyes, looks at us and whispers: “Ah… so much love…There is so much to be grateful for.” Just a few words, and yet, such a big statement. At this moment, I was reminded that it doesn’t take a long speech to acknowledge the important stuff in life. Love is what nurtures us and connects us to each other.

Originally posted in October 2014

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