“Tis the season”

We look at the Holiday Season as the time to connect a little more, or a lot
more, with colleagues, neighbors, friends and family. We feel the inclination
to open up more to each other. We drop our walls and barriers, we visit, and we get together. We exchange gifts and goodies. We take the time to make them and prepare them in the most exquisite ways, in token of our appreciation and love for each other. We act on the love we feel and experience, and we spread it around!

Feelings of forgiveness rise more easily. We experience more joy. It is the time when we let go of our shadow side and choose to attune ourselves and surrender to the light and the love in our hearts. Somehow, it is easier to let go of the patterns of our annoying and controlling ego—our good old friend— and to release past stories, hurts and disappointments. We make resolutions, set goals and emotionally regroup. In the deep of winter with the Solstice fast approaching, I found this to be the perfect time to go within and connect with Source, Spirit, God, Universe, Buddha, Nature. So many names for only one energy. In the mist of the holidays, I can always center myself by going within.

To top it off, this is Chocolate Season. What a great mix of blessings!

Originally posted in December 2014

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