Sugar Sugar, 1969

Sugar Sugar… That was one of my favorite songs by The Archies.

Now days, sugar, in my mind and in the minds of many people equates to something else than a sweet song from 1969. You can listen to it on YouTube and it will bring back memories and it will get your blood moving. The link is below!
By the end of this week, goblins, witches and ghostly creatures will be gone… to be replaced by hyper-active-sugar-fed children. Halloween is one of the days when kids can easily reach sugar overdose. Halloween Stress…. What to do?

You could pull your hair out, or dedicate a Time-Out corner for each one of your super excited Pride and Joys, or you could send them to Grandma and Grandpa for the weekend, (Don’t you feel guilty about this?) or one other possible option is to bury yourself under thick feather pillows and lock you bedroom door for the next three to four days and allow the kids to have the run of the house with a 911 push-button necklace around their respective necks.

Yes, sugar tastes good. We all know that. Your dentist too knows it, as well as the sugar industries. What a poison in disguise it is. It creates inflammation, destroys immunity and by the same token, robs our bodies of our wellness. For our children and grandchildren, and other young people in our lives, it creates an obvious sugar-rush which also affects the nervous system.

Here is a great remedy for this: Rescue Remedy.
Rescue Remedy, from Dr. Bach, comes in a liquid form—50% flower essences and 50% pure Brandy which is used as a preservative. Let’s not give them Brandy. I agree.
Rescue Remedy comes also in spray bottles. This we can use! Generously spray your sugar-high Little Princess, Peter Pan, Pirate and Goldilocks with Rescue Remedy.

The children usually giggle, because being sprayed is fun. (Shield their eyes to protect them from the alcohol.) Then watch them mellow out. What happens?

Rescue Remedy, is made of a specific mix of flower essences. This formula, which calms down the nervous system is usually efficient on our hyper-active- sugar-fed-young people at Halloween time or… anytime actually. It takes a few days for the sugar effect on their nervous system to dissipate, so happily spray them over the course of the following few days. The school teachers and principals will thank you for it too!

For the little kids, you may also try adding this alternative: One piece of candy for each year: 3 years old, 3 pieces of candy for example. Then the rest of the bounty disappears, snatched away by The Great Pumpkin which by next morning has magically dropped something new for the child: a book, a toy, a coupon for rides on the carousel, etc., your imagination knows no limits, right?

This, my friends, is worth a million dollars as toddlers’ repeated melt-downs have never been that much fun. Plus some of our little ones are allergic to nuts, sugar, chocolate, coloring and/or preservatives.

You find Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy in some grocery stores such as Safeway, QFC, Fred Meyer’s, Wholefood etc., but also at Super Supplements, and health food stores in general.
For other formulas, specific to your very own needs, I will be happy to prepare them for you. May you feel discouraged, sad, worried, overwhelmed, guilty, shy, frustrated or all of the above, I encourage you to trust a certified practitioner to help you with your custom-made formula.

Have fun Little Goblins, have a great time Sweet Little Witches, ride the great skies fearless Peter Pan… but have sweet dreams and have your parents enjoy Halloween this year.

Between 1999 and 2001, I received my Certification for Level I, II and III, as a Bach Flower Essences practitioner from The Doctor Edward Bach Foundation, Mount Vernon, (England).

Give me a call. I can help you.

Happy Halloween!!

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