I had a blast last Saturday!

Really a lot of fun to be with you all, dipped in the creative process you allowed me to bring you in. Each of you went at her and his own pace and discovered or re-discovered who you have been and really who you are!

I assembled my vision board of myself pretty quickly once all the pieces were cut. Yes, the floor was a mess! Thank you Sandy for joyfully participating in it: what a great neighbor you are…

I did not think about anything when I assembled and glued.

The next day I spent some time looking at it: A pretty large and colorful board with many components in it. I realized that suddenly, a story was emerging from a focal point,. My eyes moved and jumped from that focal point to the next picture over, then to the next and so on: effortlessly, the story of who I am at the core of my being, unfolded in front of my very own eyes…

I was then truly delighted because the unconscious, which knows better than me, had created such a board!

I love this process and was happy to have you experience it. A simple and yet, efficient way to by-pass the educated mind. I hope you enjoyed the process and experienced as much fun as I did!

“This subjective, subconscious approach to dream boards bypassed my conscious mind. I was surprised and delighted to discover what was revealed: the essence of my personality structure when I’m at my very best — Joy, awe, profound gratitude. What I also found interesting was how “feminine” the board is – a part of myself that I’ve down-played in favor of career: my feminine nature. I now have a deep understanding that being joyfully and gratefully feminine is what’s alive in this next phase of my life. Thank you, Sylvaine for helping me uncover what was hidden from my consciousness.”

Sandy Hogan, Tucson

“I wasn’t sure what would happen during the workshop and I was pleasantly surprised. I am going to use the visualization method that we learned for my vision boards in the future! During the meditative writing process I found myself using some of the same phrases or words and a theme was created but as I paged through magazines I found a totally different theme emerging or rather expanded upon. It was one that really totally spoke about and to my “Soul” self. Because we were directed not to linger when looking for pictures I was able to construct my vision in record time ( a few hours rather than a few days) and it was perfect! Every time I look at my board and reflect I feel a connection and a warm glow all over! Thank you Sylvaine.”

Cynthia Ann Bjerk-Plocke, Tucson

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