Letting Go of What Doesn’t Serve Us Anymore

with Sylvaine Francine

As a spiritual counselor, energy worker and doctor of chiropractic, Sylvaine Francine empowers her clients by freeing them from the emotional impact of traumas (past or present) and helping them to find their joy, power and center. She specializes in stress release and is certified in many techniques, including neurosynthesis, Thought Field Therapy and Reconnective Healing.

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Overwhelming Emotions

It is easy to ignore or discount emotions completely in ourselves or others. Why ignoring them? Emotions are real and part of our lives. We experience them as processes that impact our bodies’ physiology and our brain chemistry:

  • Creates a hormonal release into our blood stream.
  • Impact our breathing and our heart rate.
  • Impact our blood circulation. (Pulse speeds up.)
  • Impact our muscular system. (Different muscles tense up or relax.)
  • Impact in organs’ function
  • Impact our nervous system. (Fight and flight responses)

A state of emotional overwhelm may be caused by traumatic life experiences, relationship issues, stress at home, school, or work, and much more. A Youth from Y.O.T.O may have experienced all of the above or may be experiencing some aspects and finds himself or herself in crisis….

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Meditation can Change the structure of the Brain

From Greater Good

(Editor’s Note: We are pleased to bring you this article by Jason Marsh, thanks to our collaboration with the Greater Good Magazine.)

I consider myself something of a prospective meditator—meaning that a serious meditation practice is always something I’m about to start… next week. So for years, I’ve been making a mental note of new studies showing that meditation can literally change our brain structure in ways that might boost concentration, memory, and positive emotions.

The results seem enticing enough to make anyone drop into the full lotus position—until you read the fine print: Much of this research involves people who have meditated for thousands of hours over many years; some of it zeroes in on Olympic-level meditators who have clocked 10,000 hours or more. Pretty daunting….

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