What others say about me

“With simple, clear, precise guidance and information Sylvaine makes meditation accessible for all and not intimidating.
Her great level of experience in meditation makes each class a true learning experience. Each class included meditation practices (learning different techniques) question and answer session and discussion.
I have learned a lot with Sylvaine, she is truly the teacher I have been looking for.”

-Christine V, Bainbridge Isl. WA

“Sylvaine’s intuitive abilities were astonishingly accurate. Our session was highly interactive, permitting examination and synthesis of all relevant information. Our meeting helped me to formulate a truly dynamic plan that continues to work for me and my family even to this day. Bravo!”

– S. Salomon (Canada)

“Sylvaine’s passion and heart is evident. Her wisdom and sincerity and warmth shine through. An afternoon well worth the investment in myself. Thank you.”

– Debbie, Bainbridge Island, WA

“I am thankful for the time to meditate and learn new meditation exercises. One of the meditations erased my shoulder ache! Yippiee…”

– Liz Powell, bainbridge Island, WA

“Sylvaine is like a quiet, deep, strong river. She is gentle, calming, and beguiling on the surface; underneath she has powerful forces for activating transformative change in others. She is the real deal.”

– Colleen B, Santa Barbara, CA

“Thank you Sylvaine! Thank you so much for our talk. It was very helpful and really enlightening. All week I have been thinking about many of the things you said and feel like its helped clear things up for me. I always love speaking with you!”

– Meagan Demitz, San Francisco, CA

“I have been seeing Dr. Sylvaine on a regular basis for 7 years. Her healing sessions have helped me tremendously with both traumatic events as well as the day to day stresses of ordinary living. When I leave her office I feel light and worry free like anything is possible with a good dose of “everything will work out as it should” thrown in for good measure. I often tell her “I wish I could fold her up and put her in my pocket with me.” I cannot say enough positive things about her ability and the time I spend with her.” – Robyn W, Seattle, WA

“My naturopathic physician suggested that I see Sylvaine to address my painful and chronic neck pain that was not responding to various conventional treatments. Sylvaine’s profund ability to address and clear this on the energetic level freed me from pain on the physical level. I went back to get help with other health issues, and those results were equally impressive. I knew that Sylvaine could offer her unique help to my children who were experiencing phobias and allergies that have regularly bothered their lives. She has a wonderful way with children and has helped them immensely. Sylvaine has been a blessing to us all.”

– Georgia Vincent., Bainbridge Island, WA

“Mother/daughter testimonials: “My family has worked with Sylvaine for the last ten years . Sylvaine initially helped us with my daughter’s asthma by advising us on what her triggers were and how to adapt her diet for her overall health. Over the years, I have turned to Sylvaine for her insight and support both on health and spiritual issues. My daughter has a spiritual gift, and without any experience in this area, I have turned to Sylvaine who has been an invaluable source. She has helped my daughter to stay grounded and she has given her practical tools to help her navigate how to live with her gift. Sylvaine has also provided me with wonderful insight into parenting and how to support my daughters as they mature. I am so, so thankful that I have Sylvaine to turn to as wonderful resource, unlike any other in my life. Thank You Sylvaine!””

– Mary Cohen, Denver, CO

“Dear Sylvaine, Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all of your help. I have mastered the art of grounding and cleaning the room I am in and now I know how to control my fears. Every time I can feel or see a bad spirit or energy, I no longer sit and tremble, but know how to get rid of it. Not any more do I run to my Mom asking for comfort, but I know to rid of my fears. All thanks to your instructing! Thinking of you, Annabelle.”

– A. Cohen, Denver, CO

“Sylvaine reaches in and touches my heart in such a way that ever time I work with her, I grow within all levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. She nurtures me like a farmer nurtures a garden.”

– Donna, Dallas, TX

“Sylvaine’s keen perception and wisdom reflect an expansive intelligence and compassion which are well used in her professional sessions. On several occasion, her impressions have been both challenging and helpful to me while reflecting on issues. I feel my spiritual life has been enhanced.”

– Teita Reveley, M.S.W, A.C.W, Psychiatric Social Worker.

“My experience with Sylvaine was profoundly healing. I had been plagued by recurring dreams surrounding an unhealed relationship from thirty years ago. The session we had was powerfully moving and with her guidance through my tears I was able to truly heal the part of my heart that I had left broken so long ago. Thank you Sylvaine, for your beautiful gift and sensitivity. I was overcome with its effectiveness in my life’s spiritual healing journey. God bless you and your work.”

– Barbara Moss, Bainbridge Island, WA

“I have seen Sylvaine after hearing about her from a friend. I was amazed at the accuracy with which Sylvaine saw things in my past and then went on to connect these experiences with current physical conditions that I was experiencing. She then got in touch with what my body needed to heal-itself, on all levels, and now I feel a wonderful sense of balance, calm and well-being. Sylvaine is a wonderful and compassionate person, with remarkable talents for healing.”

– Valerie Francis, Bainbridge island, WA

“I have known Sylvaine for 15 years and consider her an invaluable professional resource and a dear friend. And yet I find myself at a loss for words trying to properly express all she has done for me. I know I cannot imagine where I would be without her guidance and healing.

I appreciate her nutritional knowledge. In this informational age, I find it overwhelming to sort out an optimal diet. Sylvaine is able to tailor dietary needs and herbal/ nutritional support for each individual based on constitution and current health. I have found her suggestions to be quite accurate thereby allowing my body to adapt to change or stress and heal. I am quite confident my ability to enjoy health through two pregnancies and seven house moves comes from learning how to fuel my unique self.

I appreciate her deep understanding of the underlying cause of struggle. Again, her insight has been so accurate and so helpful in providing a different perspective. Knowledge illuminates the issue enabling me to appreciate the gift in challenging circumstances. The pain and suffering are somehow relieved when viewed from the perspective of growth and opportunity.

I appreciate her ability to move energy. It is one thing to logically understand where and how you feel stuck. It is quite another to be able to change the energetic pattern that holds it in place. And for that, Sylvaine is truly gifted.

She has a variety of methods to draw out and release unwanted and unhelpful energy. It is an amazing gift to be reunited with your true self and understand right action. I appreciate her knowledge and ability to teach meditation.

She tries to empower each of us to develop the skills to be our own guides. Lastly, I truly appreciate her sense of humor. She can bring lightness to the most painful and difficult experiences. She helps me to embrace the wholeness of living, of moving through life learning and loving, and not taking anything too seriously.
She helps me understand what I can change, what I have control over, and what I cannot. For that, and many other things, I am deeply grateful to have wandered passed her rescue dog and into her office those many years ago. It is a relief to have her available.”

– Lisa Paulson, Kingston, WA

“Sylvaine has a way of utilizing her knowledge and gifts to meet the needs of her clients. Her approach addresses the physiological, genetic and energetic factors in creating a healing regimen that is both effective and in alignment with natural forces. Six month ago, I began quickly developing symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Having witnessed how conventional medical approaches had completely debilitated my mother’s immune system in her treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, I was deeply concerned that this was going to be my path as well. I consulted with Sylvaine, and, after three visits, I was symptom-free using a treatment modality that is consistent with my values and principles. Having spent ten years in the health care system with people with AIDS, I can attest that Sylvaine is a practitioner who carries deep knowledge and respect for our many rooted and traditional methods of healing.”

– Kevin Fong, Seattle, WA- Feng Shui practitioner.